During the summer I was lucky enough to gain a load of experience from some exciting work placements. First off was the Bluecoat Display Centre, which is a very well known and established contemporary craft gallery and shop. This was a great opportunity for me to see how the business side of the industry work, and really to see what sells! The second placement with a talented indapendant designer/maker called DeeLyn. I had admired her amazing guitar string jewellery for some time so I was very happy to get the chance to work with her. During the few months I worked with her, I learnt more then I ever would have imagined, not just about the technical side of things but about the day to day realities of setting up and running your own jewellery business. I feel much better off for having met DeeLynn! I also worked on a project for a Liverpool based band called Fire Beneath the Sea. The brief was to create five vinyl album covers in any way we wanted. From my research into the band and their lyrics, I felt they needed to be bright, fun, silly, upbeat and positive. The band often wear face paint and dress up, so what would be more fitting then some bears with glittery accessories. The covers were auctioned off on Facebook in order to make more money for the next EP. I have one more work placement coming up shortly, with the contemporary jeweller Carina Chitsaz Shoshtary. She is based in Munich and will be having an exhibition during Schmuck Contemporary Jewellery Fair. I am going over the week before to help her set up the exhibition which I am really excited about.

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