In November last year I made work to a brief entitled ‘miniature Collections’. This was to be shown at an exhibition at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre in November. I helped to organise the exhibition along side my fellow classmates on the Contemporary Art Practice Foundation Degree at The Manchester College. We decided to call the exhibition ‘Ubiquitous Assimilation’ which means to take in and absorb all the information around you. The work I created was inspired by my research into the ‘Lovers Padlocks’ hung along the Liverpool Docks. My designs took their influence from the visual aspects of the padlocks that I observed, and also the sentiment of a lovers padlock; a symbol of keeping your love locked away. The collection comprises of an oversized locket, which can only be opened using one of the three rings, all of which are made , in some way, from old discarded keys. The work was displayed on a fencing panel, which I invited the viewer to hang a DIY cardboard padlock upon. I designed and made the padlocks so that the visitors could write their love story on it and then construct it themselves. This was my way of immersing the viewer in my concept and also my answer to creating an alternative to the environmental problem of hanging padlocks on bridges. Along side this display I also showed a short fashion film that I filmed and edited to compliment my work, and to convey the mood of my designs. You can view this film here;




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