work placement

Work Placement: Setting Up the Exhibition

I had a brilliant time helping Carina Chitsaz Shoshtary and Annamaria Leiste set up their exhibition ‘Microphilia’, which was part of Munich Jewellery Week. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from these two talented ladies. The space they had for the exhibition was fairly small but their idea to fill it with white cardboard boxes made such good use of what space they had, creating an interesting backdrop for the work on display. The jewellery was hung and placed in nooks and crevices all over the installation, making it like a treasure hunt of beautiful objects. The placement of the work was much harder then I had anticipated, it’s really important for everything to be harmonious with one another, it was great practice for me to have some input into the display in this exhibition and also to learn from their ideas. They also had the brilliant idea to make display cabinets out of the card board boxes, which they were selling work from (all of which I wanted to buy!) Such a simple but clever idea, it really worked well with the rest of the exhibition, providing some warm light against the cold of the white. I had great fun helping with all the construction, and watching the whole thing come together.


Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary

Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary is one of my favourite contemporary jewellery designers and so I am very excited to hopefully be doing a work placement with her in Munich in October! Her work is beautiful and she uses such interesting techniques, I really can’t wait to learn from her.


I have been spending my Thursdays doing a work placement with DeeLynn Jewellery and Ceramic design. DeeLynn makes amazing contemporary jewellery from guitar strings and silver. I have really enjoyed working for her, I have learnt so much about the making side of things as well as the practicalities of setting up and running a business.