I’ve had a pretty frustrating time so far. Most of the processes I have attempted have gone wrong for one reason or another. I have tried really hard not to get annoyed today and instead just learn from my mistakes as I move forward, but it certainly hasn’t been easy!

Known Matter

As predicted, I have already had technical issue’s with the making of my final pieces which have set me back but still, I’m fairly happy with the results so far! This is not a finished pendant as i’m not 100% happy with the colour it has turned out but it is looking pretty cool under UV light and when it glowing in the dark. I’m making some more today so hopefully this one will turn out a bit better!

Resin and silicone

So I have had a great first real day of development. My pigments arrived and I wanted to try them out straight away so I headed for the resin room and tried putting them in to polyester resin. I couldn’t resist trying a blacklight on it once it had cured slightly and it looked amazing. I’m going to keep playing around with the pigments, in various resins and with different pigments, in order to get the best out of them. Whilst I was in there, I also made up some silicone rubber and put black pigment in, which didn’t mix with the silicone, creating beautiful patterns. It will be interesting to see what this dries like and how I could incorporate it into my work somehow.