Miniature Collections/Exhibition

Since the term began I have been hard at work for an exhibition we are organising as part of my course. The exhibition is entitled ‘Ubiquitous Assimilation’ and the work is in response to the brief ‘Miniature Collections’. I decided to carry on looking into lovers padlocks, which led me naturally to think about lockets. I liked the idea of creating jewellery with the aesthetic of a padlock but the meaning and function of a locket. I’m really excited about the exhibition as I have some ideas to make it interactive with the viewer.

Anodising for the final outcome

I spent quite a few hours sawing and filing this piece also, the anodising and dyeing actually went really well, the colour is amazing. Unfortunately whilst trying to remove some scratches before the anodising process I managed to make the surface uneven and so I won’t be using it, I’ll be putting this on my list of lessons learnt!