nitrile rubber

Finished necklace.

So I finally got at least one necklace finished off in time!! I’m not 100% happy with it as I struggled to get it constructed in time as I was using many processes which are new to me. I have put so much energy and hard work into this, it’s always a little disappointing when the end result doesn’t look as good as you would like, however I’m happy I got it finished and it does look like my original designs. I’m now ready to take all that I have learnt onto the next exciting jewellery project!


I’ve been trying out press and peel paper as a resist to etch a precise looking chemical formula on to some copper which will be used on the necklace, the formula is for the nitrile rubber I will also be using. The press and peel paper is not as great as I was hoping it would be but I still got some pretty good results.