Finished necklace.

So I finally got at least one necklace finished off in time!! I’m not 100% happy with it as I struggled to get it constructed in time as I was using many processes which are new to me. I have put so much energy and hard work into this, it’s always a little disappointing when the end result doesn’t look as good as you would like, however I’m happy I got it finished and it does look like my original designs. I’m now ready to take all that I have learnt onto the next exciting jewellery project!


I’ve been trying out press and peel paper as a resist to etch a precise looking chemical formula on to some copper which will be used on the necklace, the formula is for the nitrile rubber I will also be using. The press and peel paper is not as great as I was hoping it would be but I still got some pretty good results.

Known Matter

As predicted, I have already had technical issue’s with the making of my final pieces which have set me back but still, I’m fairly happy with the results so far! This is not a finished pendant as i’m not 100% happy with the colour it has turned out but it is looking pretty cool under UV light and when it glowing in the dark. I’m making some more today so hopefully this one will turn out a bit better!


So all my development work has taken me to some really interesting ┬áplaces and I’m now at the point of getting ready to make my final pieces. At the moment I plan to make three necklaces, which I’m really excited about, although I’m anticipating many technical hurdles along the way!