Museum of the Jewellery Quarter


I went to the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham yesterday and it’s absolutely amazing. In 1981 the jewellery manufacturers Smith & Pepper were forced to shut due to the sky high prices of gold. They abandoned the building and everything was left exactly as it was at the time of closure. As someone who makes jewellery, it was fascinating to see how it used to be done.


I have been spending my Thursdays doing a work placement with DeeLynn Jewellery and Ceramic design. DeeLynn makes amazing contemporary jewellery from guitar strings and silver. I have really enjoyed working for her, I have learnt so much about the making side of things as well as the practicalities of setting up and running a business.


I’ve had a pretty frustrating time so far. Most of the processes I have attempted have gone wrong for one reason or another. I have tried really hard not to get annoyed today and instead just learn from my mistakes as I move forward, but it certainly hasn’t been easy!