Piercing and filing


I’ve spent the last few hours sawing out the shape for the backing of the pendant and filing it to, hopefully, fit the shape exactly, which is an incredibly painstaking job. My arms hurt, my hands hurt, my eyes hurt BUT its looking good so far. Fingers crossed things are finally starting to go right!



I have tried out a copper patina on my etches as I want the metal to be dark to go with the black rubber I am using. The raised typeface looks neater but more subtle whereas the recessed typeface look more bold. I think I will probably use a mixture of the two.

Known Matter

As predicted, I have already had technical issue’s with the making of my final pieces which have set me back but still, I’m fairly happy with the results so far! This is not a finished pendant as i’m not 100% happy with the colour it has turned out but it is looking pretty cool under UV light and when it glowing in the dark. I’m making some more today so hopefully this one will turn out a bit better!


So all my development work has taken me to some really interesting ┬áplaces and I’m now at the point of getting ready to make my final pieces. At the moment I plan to make three necklaces, which I’m really excited about, although I’m anticipating many technical hurdles along the way!