Anodising for the final outcome

I spent quite a few hours sawing and filing this piece also, the anodising and dyeing actually went really well, the colour is amazing. Unfortunately whilst trying to remove some scratches before the anodising process I managed to make the surface uneven and so I won’t be using it, I’ll be putting this on my list of lessons learnt!



This is the first little test piece I managed to dye yesterday to see if the anodisation had worked and it was a success! I only put it in the dye for a couple of minutes but it has gone bright orange.


I tried anodising silver for the first time yesterday. I was hoping for some lovely bright colours forming on the surface. The results were okay, they look iridescent purple and blue, but only in certain lights. It doesn’t look as impressive as I would have hoped, especially as I used an expensive material. I think you can get much better results using titanium and niobium, but unfortunately I cannot afford either of these metals!, and so I have decided to give aluminium a go next.