Charlotte Street News

I’m in London getting a little inspiration for my next project and i’ve just discovered how amazing Charlotte Street News is! Just an ordinary little newsagents who also happen to sell every beautiful publication you can imagine. I bought a copy of Current Obsession, which is all about contemporary art jewellery. I just wish I had more money to spend in there!



I organised a photo shoot with a great professional photographer called Chris Tyler. He gave me the raw files of the photographs so I could have a go at editing them. I wanted to keep them pretty natural, as the models Hayley and Dan are pretty gorgeous as it is. They certainly aren’t perfect but I really enjoyed working on them and I am happy for a first attempt!

Padlock Stories

One of the best things about the doing my project looking at Lovers Padlocks has been reading the responses from the visitors on the flat pack padlocks at the exhibition. At the very beginning of the project I strung up signs along Pier Head in Liverpool where there are hundreds of padlocks, asking people to tell me why they were attaching their own. I have had no response up until now as I have just read this lovely email from a lady who has put up her own. It’s great to have a glimpse into back story of this tradition;

“I met my Partner Steve via the internet last October and on our first day out we went to Liverpool.  We both originate from there but I lived in Wigan and he has moved between Skelmersdale and Liverpool at various times.  We walked to the dock and wondered what the locks were all about!  We read a lot of them and had a good laugh about some of them that had put combination locks on etc.  There are also some sad ones too.

When we got home I googled it and then we said as some point we would put one on.   In April this year I moved in with Steve and we put our own lock on and as we are frequent visitors to Liverpool, we often go to ‘OUR LOCK’, even though its rusted to hell but the sentiment is there.   I have enclosed the before and after pictures!  He took the padlock into work to engrave and tried to hide it from ‘The Lads’, who kept on asking ‘what are you doing?!”

padlock 2padlock 3

Padlock and Keys: My Work

The necklace in this collection is a locket, the locket is opened via one of the rings which is made with keys. All the rings are made with keys within them, which is something I enjoyed working with. Although I made mistakes along the way, and the jewellery could look a lot more polished, I’m really proud of this collection. I feel like it represents me and my style as a designer. Now I am so excited to push myself much further technically and creatively in the next project, which also happens to be the final major project for this Foundation Degree so I had better make it good!

Exhibition: Ubiquitous Assimilation

Part of my display was an interactive installation where I encouraged the viewer to get involved by telling me their love story on a flatpack padlock and constructing it themselves, then attaching it to my fence display. The idea came from my research into the lovers padlocks on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. The padlocks are causing environmental and safety issues and the Paris council have been trying ways to create an alternative to the popular padlocks, so far unsuccessfully. I wanted to create my own version of a lovers padlock to compliment my jewellery and draw the viewer in. The exhibit was pretty successful and I had some great feedback about it. I was also very happy with the jewellery I produced for the show, I attempted something quite technically challenging which I had never done before so It was pretty risky. I feel it did pay off as the final outcome looks exactly how I imagined it to look when I first designed it. This work is definitely my best to date and I really feel like I learnt absolutely loads whilst making it.
The exhibition as a whole was a success, some of the others on my course sold their work which is brilliant. Organising the exhibition has been a huge learning curve for me, I’m now ready and excited to start on the next one!

Poster Ideas

These are some design idea’s for an exhibition poster I’ve been playing around with. ‘Ubiquitous Assimilation’ means to absorb everything around you all the time, these designs are a visual representation of this idea, with the information being absorbed and then coming out as art (the exit arrow is made up of my drawings) Although my designs are not getting used for this exhibition, I really enjoyed making them and it was great practice for the future

Fixing Mistakes/Making Hinges

After some essential exhibition organising this morning, i’ve finally made it to the studio! Today I’m re-drilling a hole that I had to fix as the first one was a miniscule millimetre out! This set me back a few hours, which just shows how precise and patient you need to be to create jewellery. I’ve got the patience, I’m still working on the latter. Ince I have drilled.the hole, its on to the next stage of making a hinge.