Making for the Deadline

It was a really tough few weeks getting everything ready in time for the deadline, I worked harder then I ever have done before! I’m really happy with all the finished pieces, they all look great together as a collection. Because I chose to make very intricate and technically challenging pieces I did have to ask for some help on one of the show pieces which is a very large copper ring filled with rubber (photographs to follow). Although the piece looks simple it was very hard to make, my tutor and I made the piece together and we figured things out as we went along. I learnt absolutely loads from watching my tutor work and it was great for my metalwork skills and future practice. I’m glad I didn’t settle for easier designs though as this project has really tested my skills and patience and has also made me question who I want to be as a designer. As a creative person it can be quite hard to be absolutely sure of the direction you are going in. When I started the course I was sure that I wanted to make fashion style jewellery but now I’ve discovered the world of art jewellery and I feel torn between the two. I feel this questioning is important for me, as it is something that I will need to figure out. At this point in time I have no answers to the question but I feel I need to explore what I can do first before answers are necessary. I have decided to study Jewellery and Metalwork at university next year and I’m really looking forward to the next phase of the exploration!

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