Month: December 2014

Padlock and Keys: My Work

The necklace in this collection is a locket, the locket is opened via one of the rings which is made with keys. All the rings are made with keys within them, which is something I enjoyed working with. Although I made mistakes along the way, and the jewellery could look a lot more polished, I’m really proud of this collection. I feel like it represents me and my style as a designer. Now I am so excited to push myself much further technically and creatively in the next project, which also happens to be the final major project for this Foundation Degree so I had better make it good!

Exhibition: Ubiquitous Assimilation

Part of my display was an interactive installation where I encouraged the viewer to get involved by telling me their love story on a flatpack padlock and constructing it themselves, then attaching it to my fence display. The idea came from my research into the lovers padlocks on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. The padlocks are causing environmental and safety issues and the Paris council have been trying ways to create an alternative to the popular padlocks, so far unsuccessfully. I wanted to create my own version of a lovers padlock to compliment my jewellery and draw the viewer in. The exhibit was pretty successful and I had some great feedback about it. I was also very happy with the jewellery I produced for the show, I attempted something quite technically challenging which I had never done before so It was pretty risky. I feel it did pay off as the final outcome looks exactly how I imagined it to look when I first designed it. This work is definitely my best to date and I really feel like I learnt absolutely loads whilst making it.
The exhibition as a whole was a success, some of the others on my course sold their work which is brilliant. Organising the exhibition has been a huge learning curve for me, I’m now ready and excited to start on the next one!