Month: October 2014

Nothing Lasts Forever

For some time now I have really wanted to create a fashion film as I was completely inspired by the amazing one’s Nick Knight makes as part of ShowStudio. I like the way the viewer is immersed in the vision of the designer. I’ve made my own fashion film called ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ featuring my beautiful friend Danielle Bentley. I really wanted it to reflect me and my designs, which I have hopefully done! I’m really excited to be showing it along side my jewellery at the exhibition ‘Ambiguous Assimilation’, details of which are as follows;

Manchester Craft Centre, Space 2 Gallery,

17 Oak St, Manchester M4 5JD

0161 832 4274

 Preview Evening РFriday 21st November 5.30-7.30 ( All invited)

Open Saturday 22nd November 10am-5pm

Sunday 23rd November  11am- 5pm

Monday 24th November 10 am- 5.30pm

Tuesday 24th November 10am-5.30pm


Miniature Collections/Exhibition

Since the term began I have been hard at work for an exhibition we are organising as part of my course. The exhibition is entitled ‘Ubiquitous Assimilation’ and the work is in response to the brief ‘Miniature Collections’. I decided to carry on looking into lovers padlocks, which led me naturally to think about lockets. I liked the idea of creating jewellery with the aesthetic of a padlock but the meaning and function of a locket. I’m really excited about the exhibition as I have some ideas to make it interactive with the viewer.


Over the summer holiday’s I was set a project entitled ‘Journey’. The project was to create thirty drawings, paintings, sketches or photo’s of things inspired by the theme ‘Journey’. I decided to record the ‘accidental jewellery’ that I saw along several routes in Liverpool, this could be a chain adorning some gates or a hanging basket bejeweling a house. The one thing that I was drawn to most often were padlocks. I started to become really interested in lovers padlocks particularly as there are so many along the Albert Dock in Liverpool now. I was also really inspired by a couple of bright colours I recorded along the way.