Month: May 2014

Finished necklace.

So I finally got at least one necklace finished off in time!! I’m not 100% happy with it as I struggled to get it constructed in time as I was using many processes which are new to me. I have put so much energy and hard work into this, it’s always a little disappointing when the end result doesn’t look as good as you would like, however I’m happy I got it finished and it does look like my original designs. I’m now ready to take all that I have learnt onto the next exciting jewellery project!

Resin troubles.

Unfortunately I had to make a decision to leave the resin necklaces for now. I have had so many problems with the resin that I just do not have the time to figure out in time for this project. I still plan to develop them further after my deadline as I think they have the potential to look really great.


So I have been flat out trying to get the construction of my necklace made and it’s been quite a struggle, I have had many issue’s which have meant I have had to rethink things and try and problem solve, all very good for my future skills but quite frustrating right now! I was almost finished and then I used acetone to get a mark off the acrylic but used too much and it ruined the acrylic meaning I had to start a big part of it all over again!

New plans

Mold no.2! Due to the many technical problems I have come against over the last few weeks, I made the decision to downsize the 2 resin necklaces, so they won’t be statement pieces but will be the essence of my ideas. Hopefully I will manage to get them finished!!


I’ve had a pretty frustrating time so far. Most of the processes I have attempted have gone wrong for one reason or another. I have tried really hard not to get annoyed today and instead just learn from my mistakes as I move forward, but it certainly hasn’t been easy!