Today I tried casting using a Cuttlefish for the first time! It is a very weird experience using a dried cuttlefish to cast with but it works so well. You get a really clean shape and can cut into it fairly easy. I used a signet ring that I wear pretty much everyday to make a mould from. The cast ring turned out really well, although melting the silver was a tricky task, when I took it out there was an big organic looking mass of silver from the sprue (opening) which I really loved, it look reminiscent of a Karl Fritsch ring. I decided to cut away some of the silver from the sprue, but not all of it. I really love the end result, it looks as if some mineral is growing out of the signet ring. I spent quite a bit of time tidying it up, which was great practice. It’s not quite finished yet but I’m pleased so far.

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