Month: February 2014


I tried anodising silver for the first time yesterday. I was hoping for some lovely bright colours forming on the surface. The results were okay, they look iridescent purple and blue, but only in certain lights. It doesn’t look as impressive as I would have hoped, especially as I used an expensive material. I think you can get much better results using titanium and niobium, but unfortunately I cannot afford either of these metals!, and so I have decided to give aluminium a go next.

Resin and silicone

So I have had a great first real day of development. My pigments arrived and I wanted to try them out straight away so I headed for the resin room and tried putting them in to polyester resin. I couldn’t resist trying a blacklight on it once it had cured slightly and it looked amazing. I’m going to keep playing around with the pigments, in various resins and with different pigments, in order to get the best out of them. Whilst I was in there, I also made up some silicone rubber and put black pigment in, which didn’t mix with the silicone, creating beautiful patterns. It will be interesting to see what this dries like and how I could incorporate it into my work somehow.


Today I tried casting using a Cuttlefish for the first time! It is a very weird experience using a dried cuttlefish to cast with but it works so well. You get a really clean shape and can cut into it fairly easy. I used a signet ring that I wear pretty much everyday to make a mould from. The cast ring turned out really well, although melting the silver was a tricky task, when I took it out there was an big organic looking mass of silver from the sprue (opening) which I really loved, it look reminiscent of a Karl Fritsch ring. I decided to cut away some of the silver from the sprue, but not all of it. I really love the end result, it looks as if some mineral is growing out of the signet ring. I spent quite a bit of time tidying it up, which was great practice. It’s not quite finished yet but I’m pleased so far.



Along side our thematic brief, we also have an Art Theory brief ie. essay time! I haven’t written an essay in a about a million years so it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily I am interested in my chosen subject, which is
the relationship between art and science,  because I have a lot of reading to do!!


My very lovely friend Stephanie Kubler arranged for me to go to her work for the day. She works in a specialist glass blowing lab, who make scientific glass equipment. It was really interesting learning about the glass, the techniques they use and what the equipment is used for. I got to have a try at a few things, which Steph and her bos Paul (who has been doing it for about 40 years) made look incredibly easy, needless to say, mine didn’t look quite so great!  Please check out the website and see the amazing work they do Continue reading


I’ve just bought some glow in the dark, UV pigments to play around with, I’m really excited to see what I can do! I’ve also ordered various types of coloured vinyl which I’m going to add heat to and see what happens. I love the development part, where idea’s start emerging and coming together.

Drawing, making, thinking.

I have been doing quick drawings and ink blots using as much flouro stuff as I could find and also a lot of charcoal. I really like some of the ink blots, they represent symmetry, and some of them have created beautiful patterns and textures which I want to try and develop further into 3D form. I’ve also really been liking working with charcoal and I’m wandering if I can work with it to make jewellery somehow.